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On behalf of the Learning Innovations team and its contributors, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Learning Experience Framework - LEF ®.


Because you’re reading this article you’re likely involved in enterprise learning as an organizational leader, content curator or IT solution provider.

You understand today’s learner wants to engage in learning that results in skill development required by their business and there are numerous places to go and platforms to choose from to pursue and share learning.

At Learning Innovations we help professionals like you develop learning strategies, make sense of, AND deliver technologies that grow employee skills.

To guide you, we’ve translated years of success into the Learning Experience Framework - LEF ®. 

Introducing the Learning Experience Framework - LEF®

What is the framework for? This framework helps you consider all the factors involved in successfully transforming your learning ecosystem.

The LEF Framework will help you make learning easy for your employees allowing your teams to:


  • Develop holistic learning strategies

  • Grow the skills needed to win

  • Demonstrate ROI and maximize learning budgets

  • Cultivate business partnerships

  • Create and fortify a learning culture

And since learning return on investment (ROI) is highest when training is tied to business metrics, it’s important to mirror the shifts in priorities that are occurring at the strategic level.

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